Status on the map view

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GPS status information on the map view / estimated hRMS positional accuracy

GNSS_solution_type_mapview estimated_hrms


524245.29 - Current Easting coordinate

139257.86 - Current Northing coordinate

12(8GPS/8GLO) - Number of used satellites (number of viewable GPS/GLONASS satellites) of the current position


PDOP2.9p F - PDOP value of the current position; F - Solution type of the current position


Solution types on the map view:


A - Autonomous solution

D - DGPS corrected solution

F - Floated RTK solution

R - Fixed RTK solution


Position accuracy on NMEA based GNSS receivers:

When the software connected to the receiver and the NMEA GST sentence is available on the device, the GPS status area displays two position accuracy values: the horizontal and the vertical accuracy of the current GNSS position.


hRMS=0.06m - horizontal root mean square positional accuracy

~hRMS - estimated hRMS positional accuracy displays based on vRMS = ~1.5 x hRMS when the value of the hRMS cannot be calculated by the NMEA GST sentence


vRMS=0.40m - vertical root mean square positional accuracy


Position accuracy on Trimble (Pathfinder Tools SDK based connection: SiRF or TSIP protocol) GNSS receivers:


Estimated accuracy on Trimble devices



As you log features, the GPS status area displays a value in the Estimated Accuracy (ESA) that provides information about the accuracy of the current GNSS position.


The estimated accuracy value may be:

ESA: the estimated accuracy of the current GNSS position

PPA: the predicted accuracy after postprocessing the current GNSS position


k-tip-iconThe value shown depends on several factors, including satellite geometry and the type of Trimble GNSS receiver that is connected.


To show the predicted postprocessed accuracy (PPA), there must be a vector layer open and the software must be logging GNSS positions. The predicted postprocessed accuracy is a

prediction of the accuracy that will be achieved after postprocessing. When logging H-Star or carrier data, the predicted postprocessed accuracy value applies to all the positions collected since you achieved lock on the required minimum number of satellites. For all other Trimble receivers, this value applies only to the current position. The predicted postprocessed accuracy has a 68% confidence level, which means that 68% of the time the postprocessed position will be within the predicted postprocessed accuracy value shown when the position was collected.


Background colour of the status information:


Red: Indicates that the GPS/GNSS quality does not correspond to the used Quality settings on the Settings panel > GPS tab or fix position not available


Green: Indicates, that the current solution type is an autonomous solution


Blue: Indicates, that the current solution type is DGNSS solution

Yellow: Float RTK


Pink: Fix RTK