The Record panel

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The Record panel contains the following controls:


Record panel (Mobile and Desktop)



  - Header: "Record 1/176" means that you are viewing the 1st record of the total 176 records. "(geom)" means that the current attribute table 176 features with vector geometry


  - Lists all attribute tables of the vector feature layers you are using in the map project


  -  Menu  button: opens the menu


  - Horizontal scroll bar:


oDrag the scroll box to move forward or backward in the attribute table

oClick the scroll arrows to move forward or backward in the attribute table


  - Buttons:

odtToolZoomActive - displays the linked feature of the selected record on the map

odtToolTarget - activates the Target tool and sets the Target position to the selected feature of the record

odtToolGps - activates the GNSS resurveying function


  - Field names: Lists all data field from the attribute table in the left column. Tap on the data field name to open and edit the field definitions on the Data field panel


  - Attribute values: Lists all values to the current record in the right column. Tap on the value to edit as:


oOpening the Attribute editor to edit data

oRead only attribute

oOpening the Enum panel to use a code from the code dictionary

  - [+] Opens the New data field panel to create a new data field


 ok  /  x  - Approves and saves all changes you made then closes the panel and proceeds to save the code dictionary if you defined codes to a data field the very first time