Software update

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Software update

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There are two ways to update DigiTerra Explorer


1.From the web (downloading the latest installer)

2.Using DigiTerra Explorer Software Update Service


See below for instructions on how to update.



Update from the web by downloading the latest installer


You can update DigiTerra Explorer (desktop or mobile) at any time. Visit to determine the current software distribution version.


Compare the current distribution to the version displayed on your device or desktop under the “Help > About" dialog. If the distribution version is newer, you can download and install it using the same method as an initial installation.



Using DigiTerra Explorer Software Update Service


The Software Update Service will check DigiTerra web service for updates, check the version and then compare this information to DigiTerra web service to see if there is a newer release.


You can use the built-in DigiTerra Explorer Software Update service to look for and install updates on your device. To get started, simply connect your device to the Internet and open Settings > System tab to check the status of the service. If the [ ] Automatically check for updates at startup checked DigiTerra Explorer displays a message box when a new update available. This check-box is checked as default.


Check for updates at startup option

CheckForUpdatesAtStartup CheckForUpdatesAtStartup-mobile


When the Software Update message box appears on the screen tap on/click on  Download & Install now  and  follow the instructions.


Software Update message box



Updating in progress...



k-tip-iconAll necessary information can also be found about the DigiTerra Software Update Service at: