Document panel

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Document panel is used to capture a picture with the builtin camera of the Mobile device and store the path of the picture in a document field type data field. Document panel is also used when you want to add an OLE object (file) to a datafield by manually, open or clear the linked document.


The Document panel contains the following controls:


Document panel



Document file: Shows the name of the linked file.


Open document  - Opens the linked document in the associated viewer/application.


Select document  - Opens the Document File panel to select an OLE object.


Start Digital Camera  - Starts the builtin camera and opens the associated Image Capture application to take a picture. The created picture will be saved beside the layer file.


Image Capture dialog on Magellan MobileMapper 6



Clear document  - Clears the path of the previously linked document.


Close  - Closes the dialog.