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Welcome to DigiTerra Explorer Reference Guide


This Reference Guide is designed to be an in-depth resource regarding DigiTerra™ Explorer. It provides a description of the DigiTerra™ Explorer tools, commands, paneles and context menus. It also includes information about supported data formats and detailed information about supported projections. This guide is a comprehensive documentation for


oField staffs who use DigiTerra Explorer to do their daily job

oGIS professionals who prepare data for field staffs through customization and data preparation to define the

oDedicated reseller partners who wish to customize DigiTerra Explorer to a specific application for their clients


About DigiTerra Explorer


DigiTerra Explorer is a mobile mapping and an entry-level GIS software. Helps you in data collection and updating existing data in the field work with the high performance.


oWindows based (standalone out-of-the-box) field mapping and data collection software not only for GIS professionals

oSupports many mobile devices and handhelds

oDisplays a variety of vector, raster and tabular data

oNative read/write support for industry-standard vector layer formats (SHP, MIF, DXF, DGN, BNA)

oRead of CADRG, MrSID, ECW, JP2, geoTIFF and other various raster data

oRead/write support for SQLite file geodatabases

oWMS (Web Map Services) support for consuming online datasources

oIntegrated Dropbox client

oGPS/GNSS receiver and other external sensors integration: laser rangefinders, external/built-in cameras, cable locators

oOn-the-fly datum conversion from GPS input to the projected map view, database of 16000 projections can be expanded by user

oRich GIS toolbox to maintain and verify existing data

oAdvanced capabilities to run data analysis & make better decisions

oCan be customized without programming (code dictionary, menus, unique data capture forms, data field default values)



Latest update: 2015.02.13.

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Written by Balázs Hóber