Offline data sources

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The Offline tab accessible on the Background maps tool. The Offline tab contains the following controls:


Background Maps - Offline tab



[  ] Enable offline/cached map sources - allows to add cached or imported data source


Offline data sources



Desktop version:

$DOCUMENTS\DigiTerra Explorer\Maps\Background\

Mobile version:



 Import  - you can import a background map layer: in Mobile Atlas Creator .ZIP or .SQLite format, that will be displayed in the drop-down list above


Adding an Offline background map layer to the map view: you can quickly add an offline data source to the map view as Background Map layer by selecting an item in the drop-down list and then tap/click on the Add background map button.


Removing an Offline background map layer from the map view: uncheck the check box before "Enable offline/cached map sources"



Cache manager


Selected source: The selected source will be removed when pressing the  Delete cache  button

All source: All cached sources will be removed when pressing the  Delete cache  button


 Delete cache  - Removes the selected or all offline data source


 Cancel  - Closes the panel


 Add background map  - Adds the selected cached source to the current map view as a background map layer