Camera control

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The Camera control tab is used to control a digital camera to take a picture by using camera control commands and store the position of the taken picture in the edited point layer.


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Availability of the "Camera control"  tab in different editions





The Camera control tab contains the following controls:


The Camera control tab



Camera control serial port settings:


The Serial Port Parameters are used to specify communication settings for your auxiliary serial port. For most serial devices, it is usually not necessary to specify the Parity, Databits and Stopbits additional serial communication settings.


Port: Choose the COM port that your Camera is connected to on your device. The default is COM8.

Parity: Choose the parity of your Camera. The default is No parity.

Baud: Choose the baud rate (data transfer speed) of your Camera’s output. The default is 4800.

Databits: Choose the number of data bits of your Camera. The default is 8 bits.

Stopbits: Choose the number of stop bits of your Camera. The default is 1 stopbit.


 Connect  - Connects to the Camera.


 Disconnect  - Disconnects the Camera.


Camera control command: Sends this command to the camera (to take a picture). The default command is A.

Geometry distance: Sends the camera control command to the camera (to take a picture) when the geometry distance is less or equal with the geometry distance between the nearest geometry and the current GPS position in the active layer. The default distance is 1000 m.