Edited layer properties

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In this topic we'll take a look at how you can make a layer editable.


Possible use cases

1.If you want to edit an existing feature in a layer and you have an active vector layer in the Layers Manager DigiTerra Explorer asks you before you could do anything
Making a layer editable
MakingALayerEditable MakingALayerEditableResult

2.If you want to capture a new feature, but there is no editable layer, or the active layer is not a vector layer in your project the following panel appears
New work layer


 New layer  - Open the Create Layer panel to create a new layer


Select a loaded layer: - Lists the layers in the current project to select one for editing


 Load layer  -  Opens the Append Layer panel to add an existing layer to the mapping project for editing


 OK  - Active once you have selected a layer from the list from the "Select a loaded layer" drop-down


 Cancel  - Closes the panel