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dtToolGPSStat GPS Statistics

Starts displaying statistical information about the current GPS positions on the map view and activates the GPS if it wasn't active. The Statistics tool remains active until you deactivate it by selecting it again in the menu.


The probability whether a position occurs within the horizontal confidence error ellipse is 86,6%.


Displayed GPS statistics on the map view

GPS_statistics-activate GPS_statistics GPS_statistics-deactivate


645950.96: averaged Easting coordinate

242396.36: averaged Northing coordinate

170.29: averaged height

42: averaged number of positions

dE: delta East (Easting difference of the Horizontal RMS)

dN: delta North (Northing difference of the Horozintal RMS)

dH: delta Height (Vertical RMS)


k-tip-iconThe GPS positions can be processed to calculate and display the parameters of the GPS statistics tool if the current GPS position is in accordance with the conditions defined in the Quality filter settings.


Saving Position Statistics


When you deactivate the GPS Statistics tool the Saving Position Statistics File panel appears automatically to save the current position statistics into a LOG file. The LOG file can be added to the map view by using the dtToolAdd Add layer tool.


Saving Position Statistics File panel



new-16x16 = new feature




Availability of the "GPS Statistics" tool in different editions