Menu and Toolbars

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In the DigiTerra Explorer workspace, the menu bar is a horizontal "bar" anchored to the top of the screen in the Desktop version and it is anchored to the bottom of the screen in the Mobile version. On the left side, it contains the Windows® application menus (e.g. File, Edit, View...). On the right hand side in the Mobile version it contains the Keyboard button. The toolbar is a horizontal "bar" anchored to the top of the screen under the menu bar, available only in the Desktop version.

k-tip-iconThe content of the toolbar and the menu bar differs by different editions and by available extensions. The edition-specific differences can be found in the individual chapters. You can easily check which tools / commands are accessible in which edition by opening the About panel > Evaluation > select an edition / extension then tap/click on the EVALUATE button.

Menu bar in the Mobile version


A - Menu bar with six (6) application menus. File, Edit, View, Query, GNSS, Tools. The Help menu can be found in the File menu as a sub-menu, above the Exit button. On some devices there are only 5 application menus available, because the keyboard covers a part of the Tools menu and it cannot be hidden in the deviceSizeConf.txt. In this case the Tools menu is located at the bottom of the GPS menu as a sub-menu on the relevant devices.

B - Displays / hides the menu

C - Active tool

D - Opens / closes the Keyboard

E - Menu and a selected sub-menu. Defined in the Default.mnu file.

F - Selected menu item

k-tip-iconThe font size in the menu can be modified in the device configuration file.

Menu and toolbar in the Desktop version



A - Application menus. You can display/hide application menus by clicking on the name (File, Edit, View, Query, GNSS, Tools and Help) of the menu. These seven (7) application menus defined in the Default.mnu file.

B - Toolbar. Available only in the Desktop version, it is defined in the Default.tbr file.

C - Menu and a selected sub menu

D - Selected menu item

k-tip-iconThe default Menu and the Toolbar can be customized by editing tool definitions in the Menu (.MNU) and Toolbar (.TBR) text files. These text files allows you to create or modify a toolbar or menu bar configuration in your favorite text editor (e.g. in Notepad) without the need of any developer application.