Select by rectangle

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dtToolSelectRectangle Select by rectangle

Opens the Selection settings panel with Geometry = Rectangle option to select multiply features in a layer. The Select by rectangle button remains active until another tool is activated.


Tap / Left click: adds two vertices: top left (1) and bottom right (2) vertices of a rectangle

Drag: draws a rectangle on the map at the tapped locations with crosshairs, then selects the covered features

Tap and hold / Right click: displays the Context menu to select features by using the Select option in the menu


Using Hotkeys

Press and hold the Shift key while making a selection to temporarily enter add mode.

Press and hold the Ctrl key while making a selection to temporarily enter subtract mode.


Selecting features on the map



Context menu



Undoes the last edit made to a selection

Opens the New vertex panel

Opens the Modify panel

Activates the multiline feature type for data capture

Undoes all edit made to a feature

Selects the feature


Select by polygon