Context menus

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Context menus are popup menu that can be accessed by tap and hold / right click with the following commands:


Edit menu

1.dtToolPoint Point
If there is no vector feature layer in the project:
PointInputContext  - Opens the Insert Point panel
If there is at least one vector feature layer in the project:



2.dtToolLine Line, dtToolFreeLine Free Line, dtToolArea Polygon, dtToolFreeArea Free Polygon, dtToolNewPart New part

3.dtToolRectangle Rectangle, dtToolCircle Circle, dtToolEllipse Ellipse

4.dtToolSelectLine Select by line, dtToolSelectArea Select by polygon, dtToolSelectRectangle Select by rectangle, dtToolSelectCircle Select by circle

5.dtToolMeasure Measure, dtToolFreeMeasure Free measure, dtToolRadMeasure Radius measure

6.dtToolAreaDelineation Polygon Delineation


Editing context menu when using Tap and hold / Right click



Back: Deletes the last vertex made to a feature (Backspace)


Position: Opens the Insert Point panel or the New vertex panel to add a new vertex into the edited layer


Modify: Opens the Modify panel to modify the angle and length of the last section


New part: Adds new part(s) to the currently edited feature


in case of area: isle, hole or new part beside the area

in case of line: multiline

in case of point: multipoint

k-tip-iconThe usefulness of the new part feature depends on the selected vector layer format.

Restart: Erases all vertices and editing lines (construction lines) from the map view. Cancels changes to an existing feature’s geometry or cancels capture of a new feature.


Create / Finish / Select: Creates multipoint, line/polyline or polygon/multipolygon feature from vertices. (Opens panel for the related tools) / Finishes the editing of the polyline. (Opens Geometry panel for the Measurement tools). Selects features.