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dtToolNewPart New part

Allows you to add new part(s) to the geometry of a selected point, line or polygon feature in the edited layer. The New part tool remains active for adding new part to a selected feature until another tool is activated.


Possible use cases

In case of point and MAP - DigiTerra vector file format the new geometry will be a multipoint

In case of line or polyline feature the new geometry will be a multiline

In case of polygon feature the new geometry will be a multipolygon

k-tip-iconMultifeature vector geometries can be exploded into single features with the dtToolExplode Explode tool.

Tap / Left click: selects feature on the map at the tapped location then adds a vertex of the new part

Tap and hold / Right click: displays the Editing context menu to use the Create option to update the geometry


Selected feature



Adding new polygon part and context menu


k-tip-iconYou can add new parts inside and also outside of the selected polygon feature and also inside the created new part.

Island in a polygon part


k-tip-iconNew part tool can be identify a feature for adding new part on the map when information query property and editing is turned on for a vector layer in the Layers panel.

new-16x16 = new feature




Availability of the "New part" tool in different editions