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dtToolScale Scale

Changes the size of the selected polyline or polygon feature(s) in the edited layer. The Scale tool remains active for scaling selected feature until another tool is activated.


Tap / Left click: selects feature on the map at the tapped location, reference point appears. Second Tap / Left click reset the position of the center point to default.

Drag / Left drag:  changes the size of the selected feature or moves the center point (reference point) of the scaling, crosshairs appear. Dragging towards to the center point will decrease the size of, opposite direction will increase the size of the geometry.

Tap and hold / Right click: opens Scaling factor panel to scale the selected feature based on the entered value


Basic Steps on how to use the Scale tool

1.Select the desired feature on the map when the Scale tool is active (you can also pre-select it with the dtToolInfo Identify command)
> If you want to Scale more then one features you have to select them with the multiselection tools

2.Drag the reference point to the desired location, snapped red position mark can also be used

3.Use dragging or open the Scaling factor panel, enter the scale value then tap OK to Scale
> In case of scaling more then one features it is necessary to select a feature from one of them then drag the reference point to the desired location


Selected feature with reference point



Dragging reference point



Dragged reference point

ScaleDraggedReferencePoint ScaleMoreFeatures


Scale: decreasing by dragging

ScaleDecreasing ScaleDecreased

k-tip-iconPlease note when increasing the geometry with dragging you need to tap the screen outside of the reference point's marked area

Scale: increasing by dragging

ScaleIncreasing ScaleIncreased


Scaling factor panel

Enter the scale factor of the scaling to change the size of the selected feature. The default value is 1, meaning that the transformation keeps the original size of the geometry.

When the scaling factor is > 1 the size of the selected feature will be increased and if the scaling factor is < 1 the selected feature will be decreased relative to the original size.


Scaling factor



new-16x16 = new feature




Availability of the "Scale" tool in different editions