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With the tools of this sub-menu you can select many features at the same time. The Selection settings panel allows you to select multiply features on the map by geometry or by a layer of the map view. The Selection tools remain active for selecting features until another tool is activated. This menu is accessible in the Query menu and contains the following items:

dtToolAdvSelection Advanced Selection

dtToolSelectPoint Select by point

dtToolSelectLine Select by line

dtToolSelectArea Select by polygon

dtToolSelectRectangle Select by rectangle

dtToolSelectCircle Select by circle


Select sub-menu (Mobile)



Select sub-menu (Desktop)



hmtoggle_plus1Selected features can be combined with the following functions

Export selected features into File or Database on the Layers panel > selected active layer > dtLayerSave Layer export

Change Layer: copies/moves the selected feature(s) into the edited layer

Move, Rotate or Scale selected features

Merge selected features

Explode selected features

Erase selected features

Create buffer zone around the selected features

Polygon Delineation and creating topology



new-16x16 = new feature




Availability of the "Select" sub-menu and its tools in different editions