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The Send command tab is a serial command line interface tool to any GNSS receivers that connects via serial COM port to DigiTerra Explorer and supports this feature. You can type serial commands / use serial command files using with your GNSS receiver to set or report internal settings.


This should be done only in consultation with your GNSS receiver's dealer. See the GNSS receiver's operations manuals for a complete list of GNSS receiver commands.


Coming serial command files with DigiTerra Explorer are located in the following paths:



Desktop version:

$DOCUMENTS\DigiTerra Explorer\Scripts\

Mobile version:



new-16x16 = new feature




Availability of the "Send Command"  tab in different editions





The Send Command tab contains the following controls:


The Send Command tab



Command combo box: type the command here you want to send to the connected receiver then tap on the Send button. This combo also lists the previously sent serial commands as a drop-down list. Saved commands are stored in the GNSSCommandHistory.txt file.



Desktop version:

$DOCUMENTS\DigiTerra Explorer\GNSSCommandHistory.txt

Mobile version:



Target Device: list the operation modes of the sending command


<General>: General mode, can be used with most of the receivers

Altus: Recommended for Altus receivers

Hemisphere: Recommended for Hemispehere receivers


Report window: list the sent commands and reports the response coming from the receiver


 Startup Commands  - You can select a Command File here that will be sent to the receiver upon serial port connection


 Close Commands  - You can select a Command File here that will be sent to the receiver when disconnecting from the receiver


 Clear  - Clears the report window


 Command File  - Select a Command File here and tap on the Send button to send it to the receiver


 Save Log  - Saves the content of the Report window into a .LOG file