Trimble Status

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Trimble Status panel



Receiver: Shows the type of the receiver

GPS: Shows the used/viewed number of satellites; and the GPS status codes:

Calculating Positions

Waiting For GPS Time


Waiting For Satellites



Position: Shows the coordinates of the current position.

Altitude: Shows the current altitude in meter.

Carrier: Shows the current status of carrier logging, and the length of time that carrier phase or H-Star data has been recorded since lock on the required number of satellites was obtained.


Est. Accuracy: This property shows the estimated accuracy of the GPS position in meters. The estimated accuracy has a confidence level of 68%, which means that 68% of the time the actual position should be within the estimated distance of the measured position. The estimated accuracy reflects the accuracy of the positions that are being collected in real-time, whether they are autonomous positions, or real-time differentially corrected positions. To differentiate it from the PPA, the estimated accuracy is sometimes referred to as the Current Estimated Accuracy (CEA).


PPA: The Predicted Postprocessed Accuracy (PPA) value can provide an estimate of postprocessed accuracy, but only when logging H-Star data. It does indicate the accuracy that might be achieved after postprocessing.


DOPs: Shows the current HDOP and PDOP values


Antenna: Retrieves the current status of the antenna. The Status value indicates whether the antenna is disconnected, or whether the Trimble GPS receiver is using its internal antenna, or is connected to an external antenna. (Not all GPS receivers report the antenna status.)


Battery: Indicates the current battery level. In addition, this event can notify your application of a battery level change as soon as the change occurs. The battery level of the receiver is checked at least once every 30 seconds. If the battery voltage has changed by more than 0.1 volts, or if the percentage remaining has changed by more than 1.0%.


DGPS Status: Indicates the current DGPS statuses

No DGPS Source Selected - A real-time differential correction source is not selected.

DGPS Operating - A real-time differential correction source is selected and corrected positions are being received.

DGPS Not Operating - A real-time differential correction source is selected but corrected positions are not being received.


Averaged SNR: Shows the averaged SNR value to all used satellites