MapSync for Dropbox

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MapSync for Dropbox (DigiTerra MapSync) is the official Dropbox app for Windows Mobile/Embedded to integrate Dropbox to DigiTerra Explorer. DigiTerra MapSync can only read or write to a single folder in your Dropbox. You can rename or move this App Folder wherever you want in your Dropbox, and the app will keep working normally. It is also allows automatic camera uploads.


App Folder in Dropbox:

Desktop version:

\Dropbox\Apps\DigiTerra MapSync


For information on required software components to DigiTerra MapSync, please also refer to Required components topic.


MapSync for Dropbox menu



DigiTerra MapSync start screen



new-16x16 = new feature




Availability of "MapSync for Dropbox" in different editions






Desktop version:


Download the official Dropbox client to your Desktop computer.


Please, use this feature in the Mobile version first to install the required DigiTerra MapSync plugin to your Dropbox account.


Working directory on the Desktop:

Desktop version:

\Dropbox\Apps\DigiTerra MapSync



The Main panel of the MapSync displays first when you start MapSync. This panel lists the synchronized folders.


MapSync main panel



Logout: Logout the current Dropbox folder


New: Lists all folders to select a folder for synchronization


Sync: Synchronizes the local content from the selected folders with the authorized Dropbox folder


Dropbox: Queries and displays the content of the authorized Dropbox folder


Settings: Opens the MapSync - Settings dialog


Info: Opens the MapSync - Info dialog


Exit: Closes MapSync



MapSync - Selecting a folder for synchronization



Queried Dropbox folder



Queried Dropbox folder - selected file