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dtToolSync Synchronization

This tool is available only in the Desktop version in the File menu and in the toolbar with the dtToolSync Synchronization button.

Opens the File Synchronization panel to download, upload or automatically synchronize files between mobile device and desktop computer.


The File Synchronization panel is used to download, upload or synchronize files between a selected directory of the Mobile and the Desktop computer. You can access to this desktop command in the menu bar: File > dtToolSync Synchronization and in the toolbar: dtToolSync as well.

k-tip-iconThis feature of DigiTerra Explorer requires Windows Mobile Device Center (for Windows 7, 8 or Vista), or Microsoft ActiveSync (for Windows XP) to be installed. Please install these software utilities for full DigiTerra Explorer functionality. For more information on these applications and to download, refer to

File Synchronization panel



Directory: Shows the current path on the Mobile and on the Desktop


 \  - Changes the path to the root path on the Mobile; opens the drive selection on the Desktop




 ..  - Changes the path one directory back


 Create folder  - Opens the "New folder name" text box to create a new folder


 Delete  - Delete selected files and folders


 Select all  - Selects/Un-selects all files and folders


 Download >>  - Downloads marked files from the Mobile device to the Desktop computer


 << Upload  - Uploads marked files from the Desktop computer to the Mobile device


 Synchronize  - Synchronizes all files between the Mobile device and the Desktop computer in the selected current directory


Filetype: select a filetype from the drop-down list to filter the selected files