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Highly productive software for mobile field mapping, GIS data collection and
maintenance along with field-to-office workflow.

SmartMapper is a GIS data viewer app for Android smartphones and tablets. Allows you to explore the map and feature attributes using GPS, online basemaps and also enables you to navigate to the selected feature or coordinates.

With many years of mobile GIS and field data capture experience, DigiTerra has created an app, so that you can take your mapping projects with you all the time. You don’t need to carry your robust rugged devices with you when just taking a look at a construction site or quickly checking your forest or parcel. If you have an Android smartphone or tablet in your pocket, just tap on the SmartMapper app, and within seconds, you will be able to navigate through the map, using Global Position System Satellites. Even if you don’t have map data on your smart device, you can easily download your projects from DigiTerra Cloud Service or use online basemap sources.

With SmartMapper you can do a lot more than just measure a line or an area or find an object. Take a look what you will get free of charge!


SmarMapper map view
  • Open DigiTerra Map Pack (DMP – Created with DigiTerra Explorer 8) files on any Android device
  • Download shared projects from DigiTerra Cloud Service
  • Use projected or WGS/MGRS coordinates
  • Organize layers, set the transparency and query attribute data
  • Get information about geometries by simply tapping on a point, line or area
  • Search through the records - in any available fields
  • Easily zoom to the records or even navigate to them with navigate to target tool
  • Use the built-in background maps to navigate in the field
  • Customize the app by setting the language, display units, user interface and much more
  • Multiple device support from small screen phones to tablets
  • Navigate with the built-in GPS via location service or with any external GNSS receiver using mock-location service
  • Easy distance or area measurement
  • Finger-friendly interface - don't have to use a stylus to control the app
  • Get statistics from your measurements, traveled distance and much more
  • Send feedback to the developers directly from the app

Detailed functions

Getting info from layers
  • Touch the map: redesigned User Interface with Navigation Drawer
  • Online Cloud-based maps: you can sync your projects
  • Offline map opening: DigiTerra Explorer 8 Projects (MapPackages)
  • Supports built-in GPS (Android Location Service)
  • WGS/MGRS/Local projections are available


  • Pinch zoom
  • Zoom to extends
  • Zoom to layer
  • Zoom to selected object
  • Auto zoom, when you are in Navigation mode

Layer management:

  • visible on/off
  • transparency: 0-100%
  • Info pop-up enable/disable
  • Layer ordering: up/down one level, or to top/bottom
  • Snapping: on/off
  • Viewable Layer Classes, Classification Field and Method and number of elements

Attribute data handling:

Area measurement
  • Form View (feature information )
  • Table View
  • Connected data (child records)

Background maps

  • None
  • OpenStreetMap
  • Google Maps Road
  • Google Maps Satellite
  • Bing Maps Road
  • Bing Maps Satellite
  • Nokia Maps Road
  • Nokia Maps Satellite
  • Nokia Maps Transit
  • Open Sea Map
  • OpenStreetMap Polska
  • FreeMap Slovakia Road

  • Free text search function
  • Measure distance and area
  • Require Android phones/tablets (from Android 4.0)
  • Free viewer

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