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Highly productive software for mobile field mapping, GIS data collection and
maintenance along with field-to-office workflow.


This is the brief comparison of editions. Click here to view the detailed comparison (pdf)

Demo Edition

FREE! unlimited trial period
      • Unlimited trial period
      • You can save your work! (Only 1 limitation your work licensed to your device - DemoDMP (DigiTerra Map Pack) format)
      • Unlimited WMS and TMS support
      • Surveying areas to 1 hectare
      • You cannot export your work

    Basic Edition

    Basic edition
      • Area, line, point survey and field data collection with GPS/GNSS receiver
      • Mobile and Desktop GIS within a single software
      • Unlimited Datums
      • Simple file formats (MAP, TAB, TXT, JPG, PNG)
      • Unlimited WMS and TMS support
      • Printing: supported

    Advanced Edition

    Advanced edition
            • Everything in Basic and more:
            • Camera is supported
            • Dropbox support
            • General GIS file formats: (SHP, MIF/MID, ECW, TIF, JP2)
            • Classification symbols, line types, patterns, colour palettes
            • Navigate to target tool

    Professional Edition

    Professional edition
            • Everything in Advanced and more:
            • NTRIP client (built-in)
            • Map transformation supported
            • Templates for effective surveying
            • Laser ragngefiner, Cable locator are supported
            • Advenced reports (built-in)
            • Complex GIS Analisys (buffer zone, polygon division, topology...)
            • Wide range of standard formats: (Zipped SHP, DXF, DGN, TIN, SID, CADRG, ERS, BIL, KML, KMZ, GML, APN ...)
            • Raster orientation (easy to use)
            • SQLite geodatabase support: standard WKT, WKB formats
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