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Highly productive software for mobile field mapping, GIS data collection and
maintenance along with field-to-office workflow.

Customer stories

DigiTerra Explorer in action

No matter in which industry you work, you should consider to use DigiTerra Explorer for your field mapping and mobile data capture projects. Here are some examples of our most typical customer groups:
  • Agriculture: Farmers in Hungary measuring their parcels with GPS receivers for EU subsidy claim
  • Forestry: Foresters in Austria surveying of forest parcels damaged by storms
  • Field survey: Supervisors of Ministry of Health in Poland surveying wells and springs
  • Environmental services: Field workers in the United Kingdom performing vegetation survey to protect power lines
  • Utilities: Field workers in Germany performing water pipeline maintenance with cable locator integration
  • Nature protection: Botanists in the United Kingdom surveying and cataloguing protected plants with laser range finder integration

If you want to know more about interesting mobile GIS projects, take a look at our detailed customers stories:

Alert system supported by mobile map orientation

Altötting, a well-known destination for pilgrims in Bavaria, and Neuötting in its neighbourhood have almost become one town by now. The drinking-water supply of local inhabitants and guests is provided independently in both towns. To save costs the towns have recently set up a common alert system.

Paleontological research in Portugal

Dinosaurs’ fossils located with GPS handheldsRead more

Vegetation management services in the UK

Supported by field data collectionRead more

Water and sewerage administration in Turkey

Supported by DigiTerra Explorer mobile GIS technologyRead more

Mapping caves in Bulgaria

Surveying underground galleries and natural cavesRead more
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