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Highly productive software for mobile field mapping, GIS data collection and
maintenance along with field-to-office workflow.


DigiTerra Explorer product & solution brochures

Get familiar with DigiTerra Explorer's unique advantages! Download the brochures to see more details.About DigiTerra Explorer:
  • How did it started?
  • GIS Data Recycling model: from field to office solution, data publication on the web
  • DigiTerra Explorer in Action: application fields of the software
  • Recent developments in DigiTerra Explorer v7
  • Key features
  • Reseller's recommendations
DigiTerra Explorer brochures DigiTerra Explorer 7 Brochures [ENG]
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About Cable locator solutions in DigiTerra Explorer:
  • GNSS technology with DigiTerra Explorer and a cable locator simplifies utility management
  • Components of DigiTerra’s comprehensive GIS solution
  • An integrated solution step-by-step
  • Benefits
brochures Cable locator solution brochures with Radiodetection RD8000
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