Geometry panel

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The Geometry panel is accessible through the Record panel by going into the Menu and selecting Geometry option and also with the Query menu > Measure tools. This panel is designed to display geometric data of the attribute record's feature and also to display geometric data for the on-screen measuring tools. The Geometry panel contains the following controls:


Geometry panel





oAngle: Azimuth of the start point and the endpoint defined section in the feature, measurement
GeometryAngle   GeometryAngleMeasure

oLength: Length of the geometry in current length unit. The second value means the length between two last vertices in the current length unit

oPerimeter: Perimeter of the geometry in current length unit

oArea: Area of the geometry in current area unit




oVertex: ID of the vertex

oEasting: Easting coordinate of the vertex

oNorthing: Northing coordinate of the vertex

oHeight: Height of the vertex


Using clipboard on the Geometry panel in the Desktop version

Select the vertices in the list then use [Ctrl]+[C] to copy and then [Ctrl]+[V] to paste the selected values into e.g. a text editor


Selected vertices



Pasted vertices in Notepad