SEBA cable locators

SEBA vLocPro2 Cable locator and DigiTerra ExplorerWe are happy to announce, that DigiTerra Explorer supports SEBA vLocML2 cable locator beside SEBA vLocPro2 via Bluetooth communication.In this article we show you how to configure the locator with our mobile GIS application. Let's start!The working process is quite easy:1. Connect the vLocPro2 or vLocML2 cable locator to your GPS/GNSS handheld, 2. and start the DigiTerra Explorer Professional software. 3. Wait for the fix GPS solution, then you can use the cable locator to capture data and store them as point features into a layer. 4. Push the "i" (Info) button on cable locator to capture the data and then the "+" button to send the captured data to DigiTerra Explorer.For detailed tutorial please watch this video: DigiTerra Explorer with SEBA cable locatorsPlease make sure to use the latest onboard software (firmware) of your SEBA cable locator: 1. Download SEBA's MyLocator2 program and install onto your PC. 2. Connect the cable locator to the PC via the USB cable and start MyLocator2. 3. If your device needs update the program will do it automatically.Be smart, work less, be more effective, use DigiTerra Explorer!