Altus APS GeoPod Configuration with DigiTerra Explorer

DigiTerra Explorer is a constantly improved product and during last months the program was fit tp some new hardwares as well. This time we will introduce the Altus's APS GeoPod with DigiTerra Explorer. The APS GeoPod provides a compact GNSS module designed to add high precision positioning to mobile computing platforms. With only a USB 2.0 interface, mobile platforms may add RTK precision to any on-board application. (Visit website)

Altus APS GeoPod Configuration


Fig.1 RXAssistant Desktop Icon
To configure the Geopod, install RXTools on your tablet device. Attach the GeoPod to the Tablet PC as shown and connect the USB into an available USB port. RX Tools configures the COM Port automatically when you start the application.
Fig.2 Typical attachment for GeoPOD to Tablet PC
Fig.3 RXAssistant Connection tab

Position Status

Once a connection is established, satellite signals are tracked until a position can be determined. This status is displayed in the Position Tab and also provides information on RMS accuracy, Mode(Standalone/SBAS), No of Satellites (GPS/GLONASS) and GNSS Signal quality.

Fig.4 RXAssistant Position Tab

NMEA Output

For NMEA output, there will be a separate COM Port available (generally the next consecutive COM Port number) which is what needs to be selected within the third party application being used. Each third party application has its own GPS settings menu which will need to be set according to the individual requirements.
Fig.5 NMEA settings

Example Configuration in Digiterra Explorer

The graphic below illustrates the configuration and status screen in Digiterra Explorer. DigiTerra Explorer's UIThe GNSS Status screen displays the current position and accuracy stats such as PDOP and Fix status (DGPS in this case). After the Connect button is selected and sufficient satellites tracked. The required NMEA Com port is chosen be tapping the Set option and selecting the required COM port as determined in RXAssistant.If a local map is loaded as shown above, your current position will be shown against the map subject to the correct map projection being used.

NTRIP Configuration

NTRIP corrections are broadcast using the internet and the GeoPod can be configured to receive these correction messages either from freely available or subscription sources.