DigiTerra Explorer 7 advanced DXF handling

If somebody already familiar with DigiTerra Explorer, he can be sure that during the version's lifetime period he will get more than avarage updates. This time we would like to introduce an advanced DXF  file handling in DigiTerra Explorer 7 Professional.DXF is a well known file format in industrial standards. The editing in CAD based softwares are quite easy and quick. When somebody is familiar with a CAD software, and he prepare map with different  colours, layers etc., he would like to see the same structure in a GIS program as well. With DigiTerra Explorer 7 it's possible in 2 short step! Let's see how!Download PDFHere is a PDF file which was generated from a CAD program. Every parameters are given by the CAD software, that is what we would like to see in DigiTerra Explorer as well.

Step 1

Open the same source DXF file with DigiTerra Explorer, define some basic displaying parameters, and click on 'OK' button DXF load filter

Step 2

After loading in set the Map precision to 1 cm and the result is: a DXF file in a smart GIS program which can be brought to the field. With an RTK GNSS device we can remeasure/control the object on a map, or with saving the DXF file into SHP or MAP format we can collect more and more attributes. Displaying DXF in DigiTerra Explorer