What is the difference between EXP and DMP format?

Lets's see the differences!.EXP It's actually a view file. It can be opened with Notepad also to see the structure. In an EXP file we store
  • projection of the map project
  • last viewed postition of the map
  • layer order
  • the path of the layer
  • alias names of attribute fields of the layer
  • the filters you used in Record panel
  • classification of layerslabels of layers
  • the symbol file you used
  • the path of the code dictionary
  • the last printinting settings
The EXP file is good for measuring because the program will write the layer file only what can be done quite fast..DMP We compress everything in one file (layers, symbols, projection settings etc), it's like we ZIP the EXP file with all the layers together.It's good for constant map projects you use only for display and not dor edit. Because in editing cases the PDA has write into a quite big binary file which takes very long time.