Post-processing for MobileMapper 20

It is my pleasure to announce the availability of the RAW data logging for post-processing using DigiTerra Explorer 7 Professional on Spectra MobileMapper 20 GPS receiver. As it has been available for all MobileMappers sarted with MobileMapper CE the Spectra post-processing extension (named Mm20Gps.dll) has also been integrated into the new version of DigiTerra Explorer 7 Professional to provide sub-meter accuracy for our users working with MobileMapper 20.Behind the scenes and without interrupting normal workflow, the post-processing extension automatically logs the raw data into the "\\Storage Card\GPS Raw Data\" folder. The RAW data files stored by this extension and the captured ESRI Shape layer can be post-processed using MobileMapper Office 4.6. The post-processed result is exported with the original attributes in ESRI shape file standard format.Have a look at this tutorial video tutorial that covers the complete workflow:
In our tests ~50 cm accuracy have been achieved in open sky environment. This is particularly attractive to forestry, agriculture and other natural resources related markets that need a highly-rugged, easy-to-use mobile GIS device at low cost, yet delivering sub-meter accuracy.Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any assistance from our side.